Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Bulbs -- Iris Rebloomers -- Order Through Your Local Master Gardeners

Top left: Blue Suede Shoes is a reblooming iris for zones 3 to 9 with a late spring and early summer bloom.
Top right: Mariposa Skies also a rebloomer with the same zones and bloom time as Blue Suede Shoes.
Lower left: Immortality again with the same zones and bloom time.
Lower right: Pure as Gold again with the same zones and bloom time as the others.
Remember these will bloom again in the fall. They are spectacular and when there is not much blooming what a show. I used Immortality on a golf course back east and what a show stopper it was.
So, if you are interested in ordering this collection, it sells for $40 through Master Gardeners in the Golden Plains Area or call Linda Langelo 970-854-3616 and place your order.

Flower Power Bulb Sales

Flower Power Bulbs come direct from Holland through the Dutch Bulb Company. We have been using the fall sale of bulbs for a Master Gardener Fundraiser in the Golden Plains Area for the third season in a row. Each year, we get to keep 50 percent of what we raise. The funds go to support projects like classroom supplies for Master Gardeners who teach about gardening or for other community projects like the local community gardens. Two years ago in Holyoke, Master Gardener funds were able to pay for a tree for an after school class on proper tree planting. These are just a few examples of how the funding is used to educate our communities children.
The bulbs that are for sale this year are as follows:
A Reblooming Iris Collection for $40 with Blue Suede Shoes, Immortality (white), Pure as Gold, Mariposa Skies (white and blue)
Jumbo Crocus (20) for $10
5 Allium Purple Sensation -- always popular for $10
5 Fragrant Hyacinths Mixture for $12
8 Deluxe Tulip Mixture for $12
Turkenlouis Oriental Poppy for $15
3 Stargazer Lilies for $15
4 Avalon Daffodils for $12
20 Glory of Snow for $10
4 Pagoda Dogtooth Violets for $10
25 Lavender Mountain Lilies for $10
8 Pink Impression Tulips for $12
1 Brookside Hardy Geraniums $15
12 White and Blue Grape Hyacinths for $10
And a spring garden collection for $25 with 5 Tulips, 5 Deluxe Daffodils, 10 Jumbo Crocuses, 10 Blue Grape Hyacinths, 10 Tall Dutch Iris and 10 Alpine Rosy Bells.
We hope you consider Master Gardeners. Thank you for your donation.
Please call (970)854-3616 and speak with Linda Langelo for information and placing an order.