Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring for the Golden Plains

Spring is more like fall this year.  Wet heavy snow and temperatures below freezing, sometimes dipping into the teens.  Gardeners here are anxiously awaiting for warmer temperatures to start their vegetable gardens.  This year the last spring frost will be as late as May 20th.  In the meantime, garlic is coming up and the moisture is good for the early development of the bulbs.  This is also true of onions.  Snow will not damage either.  If you had the presence of mind to plant spinach at the end of last season, this moisture would have given you a wonderful crop.  So as we wait for warmer season crops, sit back and enjoy the rain, ice and snow. 

 Photo by Linda Langelo

This picture was taken outside the Phillips County Event Center in Phillips County Fairgrounds.  The early warm temperatures forced most of the early season daffodils into bloom.   Then came the snow and temperatures below freezing and the daffodils never lasted more than a day.   Be sure to plan on these extreme weather events and plant early, middle and late blooming bulbs.   Happy spring!