Thursday, November 13, 2014

Roses Frozen in Time

Pictures by Linda Langelo - This is a shrub rose with it's blossoms and stems frozen. 

After Monday night's temperatures plummeting into artic cold temperatures, these rose blossoms are now frozen in place.   Only a week or so ago the weather was in the 60's and 70's.  This shrub rose had no time to acclimate to the fast change in the weather. 

Crevice Gardens

Crevice garden in Denver Botanic Gardens, picture by Linda Langelo

The next time you are driving down the highway and through mountain range take a look at the sides of the mountain that butt up against the shoulders of the road. You will find Mother Nature's crevice gardens. For years, we have duplicated crevice gardens in alpine troughs. It has been a way of taking and enjoying up close, small rock garden plants that we treasure and want as part of our landscape.

Now the alpine plants have broken out of their troughs and truly joined our landscapes as crevice gardens. In a crevice garden, you can grow a wide variety of alpines. To place a crevice garden put it in an open area of your landscape not shaded or competing with evergreens or other deciduous plants or trees. Chose stone that is appropriate for your location and landscape which creates a natural blend and not something that screams, "I stick out like a sore thumb."

For a photo detail of planting a crevice garden go to the following website:

Step-by-step pictures are worth more than attempting each step in detailed words. Zdenek Zvolanek from the Czech Republic spent two months creating this crevice garden. In fact, the Czech Republic is the origin of crevice gardens. It is their style of gardening.