Thursday, October 22, 2015

Visiting Monarchs


Photos by Bev Hollingsworth, CSU Support Staff

Photos by Bev Hollingsworth, CSU Support Staff

These photos are one of those moments in life when you are left in awe of these creatures.  They stopped by for a visit before journeying onto Mexico.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The forgotten back alleys

Picture by Linda Langelo, CSU Horticulture Program Associate

We always think to carefully landscape the front of our house where people get their first impression.  But what about a first impression from the alley?  Landscaping the alley can complete the design of your yard.  Without a well tended alley which ties into the rest of your landscape, it detracts from feel of the overall design. 

When you decide to redecorate a room with new features and then put only half of the new room together this is comparable to an unfinished landscape such as not landscaping the back alley.

Remember not everyone might first view your home from the front yard.  You can make the same statement in the alley as you do in the front and throughout the yard.  People will feel welcomed from the alley and in the front. 

Most back alleys are filled with trash and weeds.  Whatever you chose to do visually makes a statement about who you are. Improving your back alley improves the neighborhood.  Maybe it will inspire others to do the same.