Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Maple Not Sensitive to pH

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One of my favorite maples in the west -- Hot Wings Tatarian Maple.  One feature that people in the west relish are their trees.  Beyond that, they love to see the fall coloration of the leaves.  Hot Wings Tatarian Maple gives them a beautiful orange-red color in the fall.  In the spring, the tree comes into bloom presenting yellow-white flowers.   In the summer, the red-scarlet samaras (seeds) are the tree for a show for six weeks. 

This is a wonderful small three that is an accent piece for your landscape.  It gets to 18 feet tall by 18 feet wide.  I planted it in my front yard right in front of the bay window.  The front lawn has a slight downhill slope so as the tree grows, the main crown fills the front window with a season of changes.

The best feature is it is not pH sensitive.  Maples in our western region struggle because the pH is often between 7.2 and higher.  Our alkaline soils prevent maples and other plants from obtaining iron, manganese or zinc.  These elements are micronutrients the tree still needs for photosynthesis and enzymatic activity. 

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