Friday, June 30, 2017

Benefits of Hydroponics

Here is a brief list of the advantages of Hyrdoponics:

1)   Space requirements and growing times lessened
2)   No tilling -- so less heavy work
3)   Conserve water
4)   Pests and diseases are better controlled
5)  Weeds lessened
6)   Nutrients recyclable
7)   Better Control of environment
8)   Crop Rotation
9)   Higher Yields
10) Transplant Shock is reduced
11)  pH and salt toxicity is easier to control in the root zone
12)  Electro conductivity - molar conductivity-concentration of nutrients in water

Start looking into it today!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tree Planting Tip

Photo Credit: Linda Langelo

This Maple tree has a root flare.  Be sure you see a root flare.  That is the best tip for properly planting a tree.  The root flare is the structural roots at the base of the tree.  If you go in the forest and see how Mother Nature plants her trees, you will always see a root flare. 

Most tree problems occur because a tree is planted too deep or too shallow.  So keep this tip in mind and you will have a healthy tree. 

If you have a tree that comes in a container, make sure you spread the roots apart.  Containerized trees can have roots circulating around the bottom of the container.  They will remain that way when you plant.  This can create girdling roots and years later choke your 30 foot tree which falls over in a high wind.  All that time and all your resources gone because of a simple fix early in the planting process. 

If you have a tree in burlap with twine and a wire cage, then remove or rip the burlap and remove the twine.  Remove the top third of the wire cage.  If you leave the burlap it will not disintegrate quickly and it will wick water away from the root system.  If you leave the wire cage, it will constrict roots.

Happy tree planting!